Letters to Ora Labora – October 18th, 1864

October 18th, 1864. Economy. Baker & Henrici to Emil Baur

Economy, Oct. 15, 1864

Mr. Emil Baur,

With true concern, we understand from your letter of the 11th of this month that you have suffered danger and damages through a storm, and now also have been pulled to the military, which is to be considered as bad luck for you and yours. You will not dare to do otherwise than place yourself at their disposal, otherwise, you’d probably be an outlaw and be in danger of arrest at every locale. You are probably also completely physically fit and without defects; is there no way to get out of this situation? Would there then not be among your young ones, one who would stand in for you, so that the Colony does not need to be without you, and if you have to place another man, he would probably not cos even $1000.00; we’ve gotten substitutes for 3 to 5 hundred dollars. May the Lord give you wisdom and support also to make it through this testing. My Trustee, Mr. Henrici, is not present. If the Colony should not be able to make it through the Winter, then one will have to look to see what can be offered, but presently nothing can be done. Are you not able to buy a substitute cheaply in Detroit and deliver over this man to the Provost Marshal and take a document home? In this region this is often done,

Baker & Henrici

Mr. L. Faul, Ora Labora. Mr. E. Baur requests we should also write to you, so that you hear from him and from us. Many Greetings.

Baker & Henrici