Letters from Ora Labora – April 25th, 1864

April 25th, 1864. East Saginaw, Michigan. C.K. Robinson to Baker and Henrici

East Saginaw, Mich.

April 25th, 1864

R.L. Baker & J. Henrici.


I have drawn the mortgage to secure the balance of the loan to Emil Baur as requested by you in your letter of February 22nd, 1864.

The mortgage includes the $1,000 note which was without interest for 3 years, and is drawn for $7,000.

Mr. Baur took the papers home for the proper signatures & for record, when they will be returned to me. In the meantime he wished me to write you to send the $6,000 to me, so that he could get it when he returned the mortgage.

Also return his note to me, as that is included in the last mortgage.

Resptly yours,

  1. K. Robinson.

I will send you a map of the lands covered by both mortgages when I send the last mortgage.