Letters from Ora Labora – April 30th, 1864

April 30th, 1864. Economy, Pa. Baker and Henrici to C. K. Robinson

Economy. April 30, 1864.

C.K. Robinson, Esq.

East Saginaw, Mich.

Dear Sir

Your favor of 25th inst is received and contents noted. Enclosed please find Dft on Bank of America, New York, payable to Emil Baur for five thousand Dollars, and note of Emil Baur to Louis Faul for $1000.00, due June 25, 1866, without interest.

On the 4th of February last we sent Mr. Baur a Dft on New York for $1000.00, the receipt of which he acknowledged on the 19th of the same month, and which sum we consider as part of the Ten Thousand Loan. The Balance is therefore only five thousand dollars, viz:

Note of June 25th, 1863 herewith returned, due in 3 years without interest      $1,000.00

Dft sent you by Mr. Fetterman, payable Mr. Baur, Febr. 9/64                                $4,000.00

Dft sent Mr. Baur, Febr 4th/64                                                                                $1,000.00

Dft. Of this date, herewith enclosed                                                                        $5,000.00



When the one thousand dollar note will be paid at maturity in June 25, 1866 it will be credited on the mortgage by which it will now be embraced.

The map you kindly promise to send to us, and mortgage, will be thankfully received.

Yours respectfully,

  1. L. Baker & J. Henrici, Trustees

[Endorsed]: Letter to C. K. Robinson (East Saginaw) Apr 30/64.

June 13- wrote that we had sent the dft $5000 and note.