Letters from Ora Labora – June 1863

June 1863. Economy, Pa. Jacob Henrici and R.L. Baker to Emil Baur.


[June 1863]

Worthy Friend,

Your letter from the 8th of this month, in which you describe your project and inquire about a loan of a thousand dollars, arrived in good time.

Since in the existing order of things we are trustees, we are limited in certain areas of our organization in the loans we are able to provide to individuals or businesses and, in the general rule, your request lies outside of our field. However, since your cause is so well-meant and praiseworthy, we have decided to make an exception to the rule. Therefore, please find enclosed a draft of the requested amount at the ….. New York….. who would like to send you the said finished Judgement Note.

We are excited about the progress of your project as well as the final completion of your praiseworthy undertaking; and just in the case of everything related to your sincere purpose, as far as it is allowed under human imperfection yet sustained and completed by the help of God; we would also like to extend this sum to your endeavor for 2 or 3 years interest-free. If your mission is from God, and the Holy Community Ghost blesses and fills you and your company’s lives, which is the first Christion group in Jer. After Ap Gesch chapters 2 and 4, makes one Heart and one Soul, so will the same truth result in a joyful and Godly progression, which is our wish for you.

Your Friends,

[Baker and Henrici]

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