Letters from Ora Labora – November 19, 1863

November 19th, 1863. East Saginaw, Mich.. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici.

East Saginaw

Nov. 19, 1863

Mess. Baker & Henrici

Honored Friends,

Allow me to ask you to send your favorable answer to Detroit instead, because I see from my business that I have to stay here longer than I thought. Also, it is in so far more convenient for me, as the correspondence is going so slowly, and I would, perhaps, be forced to travel up to Saginaw for your answer. Travel at this time of the year easily and often becomes very troublesome until it is frozen over completely.

With most friendly greetings,

Gratefully yours,

Emil Baur

care of Robert Buechele, Detroit, Mich.

I should have remarked that I wrote to you this morning. E. B.

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