Letters from Ora Labora – February 15th, 1864

February 15th, 1864. East Saginaw, Michigan. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici.

East Saginaw

Feb. 15, 1864

Mess. Baker & Henrici

Worthiest Friends!

Your dear lines of the 9th of this month I have safely received along with the check for 4,000 dollars, and say to your, just now, my kindest thanks for me and my brothers.

The draft, which you mentioned in your letter as being sent to Ora Labora on the 4th of this month, had not yet arrived when I left there. I am on the trip home with lard and beans for my people and beg your indulgence with my short remarks.

We intend to buy 2,700 acres yet, perhaps only 2,500 acres, and to give to you this land as security for the remainder of the money. It is not good for us to have too much land, and, since we are applying the remainder of the money, which remains from the purchase of this land, on the already acquired land given you as the first security, so it is also more advantageous for you. To Mr. Robinson it would freely be most preferable, if we applied more money towards the purchase of land, because he as receiver at the Land Office has his interests in it.

In heartiest love and with friendliest greetings,


Emil Baur.

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