Letters from Ora Labora – November 13, 1863

November 13th, 1863. Ora Labora. Louis Faul et al to Baker and Henrici.

Ora Labor

November 13/ 63

Messers Baker & Henrici


Worthy Friends!

Your letter of the 31st of last month arrived here yesterday, and we hasten to communicate to you that we, after we had considered the points laid out by you, came to the conclusion to enter into the acceptable conditions which you cited, and we cordially ask, therefore, that you tell Mr. Buhl in Detroit what the appropriate steps are and what should be done.

We have further decided to place the settling of this business into the hands of our President, Rev. Emil Baur, since we are convinced that he will protect not only our interests but also the interests of our worthy friends.

In that we hope and believe that the dear God will continue to stay by us in our undertaking, we thank you sincerely for your friendly participation and remain with highest regards, yours truly,

Louis Faul

John Jacob Froebe

John Wagner

Frederick Wolpert

Ferdinand Mueller

Niklas Hany


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