Letters from Ora Labora – February 19th, 1864

February 19th, 1864. Ora Labora. Emil Baur to Baker and Henrici

Ora Labora

Feb. 19, ‘64

Worthiest Friends!

The day before yesterday I returned home at 10 degrees below zero. While underway, I had the misfortune that my provision-cart broke down on the rough road. I was alone and almost froze to death. But the Lord has helped me and I thank Him for it.

Yesterday, your worthy letter arrived, dated the 4th of this month with enclosed draft for one thousand dollars, which pleased our brothers greatly and cheered us up in that you so lovingly stand by our side.

Should these thousand dollars go to the next loan, which Mr. Robinson will settle up with our account? Or should we send you an extra receipt for it?

I’ll go off next week, again to Saginaw, to completely finish the business.

Mr. Robinson requested fifty dollars from us for his trouble, which I paid to him and took a receipt for it. It seemed excessive to our people.

Since only a few minutes are still left before the departure of the mail, I have to hastily close with many greetings and cordial thanks, from your friend,

Humble servant to the Lord,

Emil Baur.

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